Loss Prevention

A pro-active management style requires a company to learn from its mistakes, which will lead to structural improvement.

Each undesired event is a potential lesson for the future if root causes are established, proper control measures are taken and a company wide cause-analysis is done.
All incident-reports are reviewed by the company by veryfying the root causes, the risk of an incident with a high probability of recurrence is to be reduced by taking control measures that reduce the probability of recurrence.

Preventive actions are taken to prevent recurrence of the incident company wide, ‘Lessons to be learnt' from incidents are published in the IMM Company Circular Letters to all ships.

The company is promoting the education of ships' senior officers in P&I matters, loss prevention and claims-handling. Modern CBT training tools is installed onboard, the crew is experienced with regards to shiphandling and cargo operations.


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IMM Shipping successfully manages and operates
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